How To Pronounce French Vowels

One of the common problems people have when learning to speak French is the difference on the way the letters are pronounced. Whilst this may sound like a trivial thing to worry about, it directly impacts your ability to speak the French language and pronounce it properly. Having a good French accent is one of the ways you can gain confidence in speaking the language.

In French, the vowels do have different sounds and the accent doesn’t usually change the sound, except with the letter ‘e’.

a, à, â are all pronounced like the ‘a’ in father

e is pronounced like the later ‘a’ in about

é sounds like tha ‘ay’ in say

ê is like the ‘e’ in set

è is pronounced like the ‘e’ in set

i, î are like the double ‘e’ in feed

o, o, ô, au, eau are all like the ‘oa’ in boat or the ‘aw’ in law

ou sounds more like the ‘oo’ in food

u, ù is similar to the ‘oo’ in food but instead the tongue is like the double ‘ee’ in feed

y is pronounced like the ‘ee’ in feed

This is a simple guide to pronouncing the vowels which will help you speak the French language with confidence. When you are listening to people speak French or speaking it yourself, listed to how it is pronounced and you will notice more about how the vowels sound. Practice this using software like that in the Rocket French and you will start to develop an excellent French accent.