How You Can Learn French Fast And Easily

Learn French Fast pictureThe day came at work when I was given a sort of promotion and more responsibility, I was assigned a very high profile project to not only manage but to work on. It was an exciting moment and would open up a lot of prospects for me if I completed it successfully. I was excited as it was a challenge and it was with a client based in Paris, France who turned over billions of Euro’s every year. I was proud to be offered the opportunity, but then after meeting with client it soon became clear that their grasp of English wasn’t brilliant and my grasp of French was even less.

I realized I had three choices. I could hope their English improved, rely on Google translate or ask for this high profile and prestigious project to be handed to someone else. I really didn’t want to get rid of the project and figured that my new clients were probably not going to learn English very quickly. Google translate soon proved to be more of a hindrance than a help and the day came when the language barrier was causing me serious problems. We were struggling on the project and I decided that I really had to learn French fast. The project was at risk, my reputation was at risk and my stress levels were going through the roof.

I was venting my frustrations with some buddies over a beer that night when one of them mentioned they had learned Spanish through a program they had brought online and had picked it up very quickly. She said that she thought they did other languages and I ought to check. She grabbed my iPhone and went to the site and showed me the French language course. I read through the entire page and realized it was exactly what I was after. This would solve my problems, get my project back on track and give me some good skills.

I bought the program then and there in the bar and downloaded it as soon as I got in. I loaded the MP3′s on my phone and installed the software on my laptop. The next day on the way to work on the bus I spent close to an hour learning to speak French and had grasped some of the basic concepts. For the next few days I listened to the MP3′s as often as I could and worked with the computer program and found myself picking up the language surprisingly easily. I thought it was going to be hard as I had never got on with French at school but this method of teaching seemed to be working well for me.

There were some online forums where I could speak to native speaks so I visited those and asked them about specific terminology relating to computers so that I could expand my vocabulary further and found myself enjoy learning to speak French. I couldn’t believe I was able to learn French fast and enjoy it!

Learning To Speak French Fast graphicThe following week I had my first conversation with my clients in French, they were impressed and surprised I had bothered to learn the language. From then on I spoke more and more in French to them and even got to spend a week in Paris where I was able to get around and use the language without too much difficulty.

At the end of the project I got a glowing review from the customer, a pat on the back and a nice bonus from my employer and a sense of satisfaction that I had managed to learn another language quickly and actually enjoy it! It did open doors to a further promotion, some more international travel to some beautiful locations and some exciting and interesting projects to work on.

The program I worked with is called Rocket French which I feel is the best, most convenient and affordable ways to learn to speak French.

Rocket French comes in two formats – a downloadable version and a physical version on CD for those of us who prefer to have a physical product. There’s a bit of a price difference between them and the downloadable version is the cheaper of the two, but may not be suitable for everyone. When you buy this program you can instantly download it and install it on your computer. Because it is downloadable, you do not need an Internet connection to use it, so you can use it on your laptop, MP3 player or smartphone.

I found that playing the MP3′s whilst I was commuting was a great way to learn the language from time which was otherwise pretty much dead time. It worked well for me and you can burn the MP3′s on to a CD to listen to in your car if you wanted to.

learn to speak french pictureThere are over 13 hours of interactive audio lessons in the Rocket French package, 33 tracks in all. It’s pretty good because they are genuine conversations and you can join in to them. This was helpful for me because they had native speakers doing the talking. It helped me to get to grips with the actual accents and learn to pick the words out from one another.

I’ve often struggled in the past with pronunciation and getting the inflections and stresses in the right place for the words, but these guys have thought of this and include some software which compares your pronunciation with that of a native speaker. It’s great to have that comparison and be able to get the language right. It helped me feel a lot more confident when it came to actually speaking the language because I didn’t feel like a bit of an idiot because of how I was pronouncing the words.

But that isn’t all the audio lessons that you get. There are a total of 31 different language lessons which help you understand the grammar and build your vocabulary plus there are another 31 lessons on the French culture which teach you how to deal with some of the common situations you will encounter when visiting a French speaking country. These were particularly useful when I visited Paris in preparing me to be confident in some of the situations I encountered.

I did find that the community that they offer was one of the most valuable parts of the program. Having that access to both teachers and native speakers is excellent because you can get your questions answered and ask how to say specific things you need to learn. You can even talk to fellow students which is nice, it’s helpful to find out how other people are finding the program and getting along. You can share experiences and thoughts and it gives you a sense of not being alone in learning French.

All in all I can thoroughly recommend the Rocket French language training program. It is a quality program with some brilliant information in it and most importantly it works and teaches you French!

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